Inconsiderate People.

Over the weekend my boyfriend Andrew and I were in Peoria getting a few things from Walmart. On our way home we stopped at McDonald's to get something to eat. Nothing out of the ordinary... just a normal Friday night for us. On our way back I saw something that made me think a million... Continue Reading →

Living in a Small Town

Living in a small town is pretty cool (sometimes). Especially when I was younger. The summer was spent riding your bike around town all day everyday. You came up with stupid things to do to keep from being bored, trips to the nearest city became a big adventure, nights were spent playing flashlight tag in... Continue Reading →

My Town Washed Away?!

April showers bring may flowers.... and a massive flood.  Over the weekend we got hit with a huge rainstorm. It poured for several hours. We got about 3 inches of rain in a day. Thanks Illinois. As most of you know, I live in Illinois. Nothing exciting ever happens here. So unless you love corn... Continue Reading →

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