My Best Friend

Before I write this I just want to give her a HUGE congratulations on having her first baby! I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come. She’s going to be a great mother.

I have two close people in my life who I consider my best friend, but one person stands out more. One person who knows me better than I know myself. I swear she can read my mind and know how I feel before I even know. We’re not only best friends, we’re sisters. And telepathetic.

Oh lord where do I start…. well, we’ve known each other for about 6 years. That’s a long time dealing with each other Every. Single. Day. I don’t know how we haven’t killed each other yet… or died from all of the stupid things we’ve done. We’ve known each other since we were little. I think we were 5 when we first met at our Uncle Doc’s (we aren’t related we just call our dad’s friend Uncle because he was like an uncle to both of us).  So although we had first met then we didn’t become friends until the summer of freshman year because we went to different schools up until then. But when we did become friends all hell broke loose.

Here’s some of the memories we’ve had:

  1. I knew she was sad so I kept making these horrendous noises until she got so annoyed she started to yell at me then started laughing when I bounced my head off the window.
  2. She was on crutches once and I had never used crutches before so I tried them… I fell and bashed my face into my wall. (Probably why I’m so ugly)
  3. We tried to make cookies but they ended up turning into a giant ball of cookie… I still don’t know how we managed that one.
  4. We stayed up all night once and tried to function the next day but couldn’t stand up from a chair to save our lives.
  5. We were driving around and we both had our arms out the window and I caught a bird in my hand.
  6. Every time we hangout we drive by one of our friend’s house and honk because it makes him mad.
  7. We got mad at each other once and we both punched each other in the arm, then we tried to play it off like it didn’t hurt. We both turned around, grabbed our arms and gasped. We noticed we both did the same thing and laughed. Everybody thought we were crazy, which we are.
  8. We were walking around town and she was texting and almost walked out into the highway. I had to scream her name and pull her out of the highway before she got killed by a semi.
  9. Another time we were walking I stepped off a ledge when I wasn’t paying attention and thought I was stepping off a cliff. I proceeded to have a mental breakdown while she yelled at me in front of everybody.

Those are only a few of the stupid, dumb and dangerous things we’ve done together. We were probably the most annoying friend duo there was. We didn’t care though because we were having fun. We can never be mad at each other for more than 5 minutes because we had to gossip to each other. We’ve always had each others backs no matter what. She is the strongest girl I know. She can fight through anything that gets thrown at her and comes out even stronger. She’ll always be my best friend and I love her to death.

Tell me some memories you have with your best friend in the comments! 😃❤️

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  1. Aww this is so cute! I love this post, it’s adorable. I actually laughed out loud at that part when you said you caught a bird in your hand! XD
    Anyway, great going! Congratulate her on my behalf. 😀

  2. Great memories! And congratulations to her!
    I don’t really have too many “grand” memories with my friends. My brother was and still is my best friend. Back when we were kids, we used to argue, fight, and get mad at each other quite often. Once, I was mad at him (for some reason) and added bunch of salt to his tea. Shortly after, we forgot all about the fight. I also forgot about salt in his tea, that is until I got really thirsty and accidentally drank his tea. 😝 That tea was SALTY! … fun times

    1. haha looks like your plan backfired when you realized you drank the tea! I’ve never really fought with my siblings because they’re 18 years older than me so the age gap is really big

  3. This is so cute! I have so much memories with my best friends from when we were in secondary school and I had my first boyfriend and we went to meet him together lool!

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