What Happens When the Power Goes Out

First off, I HATE storms. Actually… hate is an understatement. I get so much anxiety from hearing thunder and seeing lightning, especially at night. So when a storm makes the power go out, I freak out.  It doesn’t help that I live in the midwest next to or in tornado alley. Spring is my favorite time of year but also my least favorite. I love spring because it’s a sign summer is coming but I hate it because it brings severe weather and tornado season.

Yesterday there was a severe thunderstorm that came out of nowhere. It was nice and sunny in the morning but in the afternoon the storms started getting closer. I didn’t think much of it but around 6 there was a big flash of lightning then the power went out. At first I was scared and freaking out, but then I got really irritated and mad (I wanted to use wifi and eat).

The storm didn’t last long after that. Andrew and I ended up driving around looking at what ditches and yards started flooding… AGAIN. It started to get dark and the power still wasn’t back on. Then we realized that Brimfield looks really creepy without power at night. What is normally all lit up and cars everywhere was dark and abandoned. I was really creeped out. So we went to Peoria where there were lights, people and it wasn’t as creepy. We came back right as the power came back on.

Just another day in my life 

Photo: @svmueljvcobs
Photo: @svmueljvcobs
Photo: @svmueljvcobs

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  1. Haha, you would die if you lived in Venezuela, we got power cuts every day. And yes, you are right, everything becomes creepier without the lights, you feel like you are in a twd episode

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