Inconsiderate People.

Over the weekend my boyfriend Andrew and I were in Peoria getting a few things from Walmart. On our way home we stopped at McDonald’s to get something to eat. Nothing out of the ordinary… just a normal Friday night for us. On our way back I saw something that made me think a million different things.

In the middle of an intersection there was a head on crash between a truck and a car. From what I saw, there was an older couple in the truck and a mom with a few kids in the car. Glass and vehicle parts were all over the road. The mom with her kids all seemed to be fine, the kids were sitting on the side of the road on their phones and tablets looking unfazed while the mom paced back and forth. The older couple in the truck looked like they were stuck. It looked like the air bags had gone off and the front of the truck was mangled and smoking. Police and firefighters ran over to them and started to pry the doors open to get them out. As far as I know, everybody is ok, no serious injuries that I’ve heard of.

It was a fairly busy time of the day. A lot of people were going out to eat or trying to get home after a long day of work. With an accident that big traffic was going to slow down to avoid the scene of the accident. Most people these days only care about getting home as fast as they can to enjoy their Friday night. They only care about themselves which I cannot stand. As we were going 5 mph in a 35 people were getting angry. Horns were honking and people were getting impatient because they wanted to hurry up and get to where they were going. It didn’t seem like they really cared that there was an accident or somebody could be hurt or even dead. Inconsiderate. 

We passed the accident and made it back home. I spent the rest of the night thinking about how cruel this world actually is. People have a hard time giving up something so little like a few minutes to slow down for an accident where somebody needs assistance. I know all people aren’t like this but a lot are and that needs to change if we want this world to become a better place. It’s not hard to do one nice thing a day, wether its giving somebody a compliment, donating something for somebody in need or sparing a few minutes out of your day to let a medical team assist people who could be hurt. If it was you in that accident I bet you would want people to be a little more considerate too. With that being said, I challenge everybody who reads this to do one nice thing a day. 

That was my rant for the day, thanks for reading!

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  1. You are right Abby, so many self-centered people in this world. But isn’t it great to have those awesome people who did stop to help at the scene of the accident.
    Love your blog, Abby

    Keep writing!

  2. You’re so right! People nowadays are so rude!! I love your blogs keep making them!! I’m so proud of how you’re keeping up with them like you are!!! Go Abby!!

  3. Totally agree that it seems as though the world is full of inconsiderate people but on the whole, I think (or maybe I just hope) that the decent people out number the mean and selfish. Nice post.

  4. I see more than just few people who just don’t care about anything unless it directly affects them. Thats wrong. I don’t understand how people could be ignorant. I grew up in Moscow (Russia) … for me it was common sense to help others if you can. No one taught me that I must do that. It was like an unwritten rule … part of culture (?)
    I also know many people who go out of their way to help others, so there are good people out there.

    1. I love people who are good and help others and risk their lives to take care of other people. But in this generation it seems like there is so much hate. I’ve seen schools completely get rid of anti bullying programs, stop caring about what kids do to others in the halls and at recess and so much more. That’s the generation I’m worried about

  5. Challenge accepted … starting today I will be doing (at least) one good thing everyday. I hope more people will do the same. Great post!

  6. This is really good. I was in an accident myself and no one bothered to stop for me and my brother. Two teenagers stuck on the side of the road. You are right. Most people are very inconsiderate, but it’s good to know that people like you recognize that this world needs to slow down and think of others in need. Keep on writing…

    1. I’m glad you were alright after your accident! I hate how most people can’t take even just a few minutes out of their day to help somebody in need. It really isn’t hard but some people act like its rocket science. But I hope with this post people will help others more

  7. Hi Abby. You’re so right and one of the greatest qualms I have with the world is the lack of empathy… This tends to happen in bugger cities around the world. Empathy is so undervalued and we should really take a moment to remind ourselves of what is important in life.

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