My Town Washed Away?!

April showers bring may flowers…. and a massive flood. 

Over the weekend we got hit with a huge rainstorm. It poured for several hours. We got about 3 inches of rain in a day. Thanks Illinois.

As most of you know, I live in Illinois. Nothing exciting ever happens here. So unless you love corn and the occasional tornado, don’t come here. (Chicago is it’s own thing.)

Since nothing ever happens here nobody expected it to end up this bad. It started raining around 10 on Saturday morning. From then it kept raining harder and harder. By 3 it was pouring and it didn’t stop until about 7 or 8. By then roads were being blocked off because they were so flooded. Grass couldn’t be seen in some yards, sidewalks were gone, roads were crumbling because of all the water rushing over them, and worst of all…. basements were flooding.

My basement never flooded thankfully, and the town I live in didn’t lose power (thank God) but we were pretty much sunk. The farmers had it the worst though. Some fields were turned into giant lakes while others turned into rivers. If the water doesn’t dry up quickly, planting is going to be a nightmare.

It’s Monday now, and it’s rained a little this morning but nothing like it did Saturday.


That’s not a lake… it’s a field

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  1. Wow. Should have seen it in Manito. It was bad. There’s only two ways out of there at the moment and both were flooded over.

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