National Sibling Day

Since it’s National Siblings Day, I guess I have to talk about my siblings. Most people talk about how close they are with their siblings and how they do so many things together, but not me. I’m not very close to my siblings at all.

Before I was born my mom was married to a man who was the father to my sister and brother. They ended up getting divorced and my mom married my dad. Then they had me. So since that happened, there’s a pretty big age gap with us.

My sister is 36 and my brother is 30. I’m 19. That’s a pretty big age gap. So because of that I wasn’t very close with them. Both didn’t live with me but lived in the same town so I still saw them alot for awhile. Normally we only saw each other during family occasions
like Christmas and birthday parties.  Then my sister moved to Peoria and I didn’t see her very much. I didn’t see my brother too much either because he was busy living his life.

Growing up I didn’t get to spend much time with them… it felt like I was an only child, which I pretty much was according to my dad’s logic since I’m his only child. By the time I was born my sister was planning on having a kid. As I was growing up I got to spend a lot of time with her kids because they were more my age and we liked the same things.

As I got older I got closer with my siblings. They were able to talk to me about more grown up things and I got to do things with them. I was able to go to my sister’s house and hangout with her and I know she’s always there for me. Same with my brother. Sometimes I wish I was closer to them growing up but I’m glad we’re pretty close now. A sibling bond is something special and I won’t take it for granted. Even though I’m not extremely close to my brother or sister I still love them with all my heart. Siblings.jpg

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  1. I must say I’m a horrible big sister …. I just started reading this…Abby first off u r beautiful and u have to know that by now..Second we r close yes closer since u became a grown up but it have and always will be MY baby sister.Just cuz I live a ways away now means nothing I will visit when money becomes right and now can come to Florida to visit i mean hey vacation party capital of the USA lol I love u with all my heart lil sis and hey remember those tattoos I send u well I’m about to start my sleeve soon and that tattoo will be in there

      1. U will love it…Florida is the best…u n Andrew prolly never wanna leave lmao….I love u and miss you !

  2. This is so natural and not at all hyped like some other people might write.
    I was born when my sister was 13. My parents wanted a second child so bad, that they prayed hard for me. Yeah, I’m actually a miracle, you believe it or not.
    So, my sister was not actually there when I was growing up. She went off to study, but, the thing is, my sister and I are the most close siblings in our whole family!
    Once I became a teen we guys started sharing all of our secrets and stuff and we talk about all kinds of things and it’s so much fun!
    So your post was kinda relatable.
    Will read your other posts, too😁

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