Broken Love

She used to be so carefree.  She used to wear her heart on her sleeve.  So happy and full of love.  Life was a field and she was a blooming flower.  Ready to explore the endless nature surrounding her.  Nothing but smiles.  People destroyed her.  Falling in love ruined her.  The sun may be shinning,... Continue Reading →

Hate Empowers Ambition

There's no better feeling than seeing a "hate comment" from a former best friend. My first thought was, "You're like 21 and you're leaving hate comments still?" Why be mean to somebody you used to be madly in love with? I used to be your world. You couldn't go a day without talking to me. I was... Continue Reading →

Silence is Bliss

I'm the kind of person who doesn't like extremely loud noises. I love the peaceful silence. I'd rather sit inside and read a book rather than go out to a club with loud music and annoyingly loud intoxicated people. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very vocal and loud person. I make lots out random... Continue Reading →

Dubstep/Trap Playlist

Nothing gets my heart happy than heart a good bass drop or a good electro beat. I sound so lame. Okay, anyway, here's some good tunes to get thumping to in the car or when you're exercising. Wow. This is why I don't have friends.... well, here we go. ARMHMR Ft. NIKOLO - Oceans Allen... Continue Reading →

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