Pet Peeves

Hey guys. Welcome back. Today... I'm gonna talk about some stuff that downright pisses me off. Everybody has pet peeves. Let me know what some of yours are in the comments. People touching me when I don't want to be touched. This is probably one of the biggest pet peeves I have. I don't like... Continue Reading →

Lifelines: Keigan

Hey guys. Welcome back. It's been a hot second since I did a lifeline. Actually, it's been a hot second since I posted anything. Whoops. Today, it's all about Keigan. He's definitely the funniest out of all my friends. A lot of people have told me that actually, which now I believe it even more.... Continue Reading →

Finally Feeling Like Spring

Hey guys. Welcome back. Its FINALLY starting to feel like spring. It's nice out, I can wear a shirt and even shorts. No massive coats, gloves and hats now! GOODBYE SEASONAL DEPRESSION SEE YA NEXT WINTER YOU WONT BE MISSED  If you don't have seasonal depression, you wouldn't understand how excited I am. To all... Continue Reading →

I Got Sunburnt!!

Hey guys! Welcome back. Last Saturday, my dad and I made an impulse decision to go to St. Louis and see a Cardinal game. We're both die hard Cardinal fans and we had nothing else to do. So why not? We live right around 3 hours away from St. Louis, so we had a pretty... Continue Reading →

Old Friend – New Friend

Hey guys. Welcome back. Have you ever had this happen to you: When you were younger, you had a friend who was pretty much your best friend. You would hangout all the time, before life got busy. When everything was so young and innocent. Everything was simple then. Then, the friendship started to fade, not... Continue Reading →

Influenster Box Review

Hey guys! Welcome back. This post is literally a month late. I've also realized something about myself. I say "literally" too much and it literally makes me hate myself. Somebody send help... literally. I've said it so much it doesn't even sounds like a word anymore haha. Anyway, about a month ago, I got the New... Continue Reading →

Waiting For Spring

Hey guys. Welcome back. So I'm pretty upset with Mother Nature right now. It's April 6th. It's officially been spring for I don't know how long. But guess what. It sure as hell doesn't feel like spring. It's been cold, windy, snowy, cloudy. April showers bring May flowers.  My grandma used to say that to... Continue Reading →

Lifelines: Coleen & Kodee

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today is another lifeline. Coleen & Kodee. These two people are really important to me. They're like my second family. Infact, they are my second family. Whenever I've had something going on in my life they've always been there to help me through it. I don't know what I would do without... Continue Reading →

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