Favorite Christmas Songs

I’ve seen so many people do this already so I guess it’s my turn haha.

If you want to see some more Christmas song posts, go check two of my wonderful friend’s blogs.


Veronica M.

Now, time for me to tell you everything I love to listen to. I don’t really listen to the classics as much as I do covers of songs and new artists.

Justin Bieber: Mistletoe

Taylor Swift: Last Christmas

Megan & Liz: It’s Christmas Time

Justin Bieber Ft. Busta Rhymes: Drummer Boy

Frosty the Snowman

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Where Are You Christmas

I don’t really listen to a lot of music if you can tell. I’m more into trap. But during the holidays I make a little tiny exception.

Here’s a little update since this post was very short.

I’m allergic to Christmas. Literally. I’m allergic to Christmas trees so when Andrew’s family was decorating their tree, I stayed on the other side of the room and admired from a distance. Although, I had to take a picture with it and pray I didn’t accidentally touch it and break out into hives.

I didn’t get hives so I think I’m doing good!

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Bath & Body Works Favorites

If you know me, then you know that I’m a little obsessed with Bath & Body Works.


Yeah I know… I have a problem and I need to be stopped. By the way, what are your favorite scents from this picture? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, I drag Andrew into there at least once a week and I make him smell everything with me. Then I take forever trying to pick something out because everything smells so good and I just want it all. So for today, since I’m having a brain fart and running out of ideas, I’ll tell you about some of my favorite things at Bath & Body Works.

The first thing I love absolutely to death is the Christmas scent Vanilla Bean Noel. I have the candle, perfume, hand soap, body wash, hand sanitizer and lotion. I’d eat it if they made it into an edible food. So during the winter, that’s all you smell from my room. I’ll never get sick of it.

Black & White 3

Another thing I’ve been loving is the Jingle All the Way and the Merry Berry Christmas scents. I got these two years ago and I’ve been loving them ever since.

Decorations: B&BW Perfume

The last thing I’ve been obsessed with is the Fresh Sparkling Snow scent. I have the shower gel and the lotion. I got them for Christmas last year and I just love how the scent reminds me of snow and I get super happy inside.

Fresh Sparkling Snow

Well, there’s the root of my addiction explained. I hope you all liked reading!

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Winter Mornings

In the winter I get really lazy, no denying that. If it wasn’t for Andrew I’d never leave the house. I’d be sitting inside all day, eating chicken nuggets, watching tv and sleeping. When winter comes I’m kinda like a bear. I hibernate all winter, then show my face again in the spring. This winter I want to be a little more productive with my mornings to get me in a better mood, so I’ll tell you all about what I TRY to do in the mornings.

The first thing I do in the mornings is check my phone. I do this because I always fall asleep texting people, then I feel bad when I fall asleep. Especially with all my friends overseas. Their morning is my night time so I always end up not responding because I fell asleep. I then have to apologize 290 times.

After I get the courage to get out of bed, I have to put my contacts in because I’m so blind without them. Then I make my way into the kitchen to make some coffee. You know the saying “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”? That’s me. Seriously guys. Don’t talk to me until after I’ve had my favorite coffee which is the McDonald’s French vanilla K Cups.

Then I tell my mom all the drama from the previous night because my mom loves to be on the upbeat with all the drama in this town. So I gotta fill her in for an hour. Then normally I’m playing with my cat before he goes outside to hunt for mice.

Sometimes my brother will come over in the mornings and hangout with me for a bit. (I think he just shows up to steal all my soda.)

I then reside to my room for a few hours where I read/check up on my blog and end up falling down a Youtube hole. I somehow find myself watching America’s Got Talent and food videos.

That pretty much sums up my morning. Lazy days. The afternoon is when I actually start to do things. I’m not a morning person at all. I stay up pretty late, so I normally don’t get up until about 9 anyway. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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Why Are You Allowed to Talk Ep. 2

*This is a series of dumb/funny things my friends and I say*

Andrew: *Talking to a friend* You look like Amelia Earhart with that jacket on.


Me: *Sees a helicopter* is that Life Alert?

Carly: Life Alert?! Do you mean Life Flight?!

Me: Oops, yeah…

Carly: Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Okay we’re sending a helicopter.


Sam: *Sitting in his Range Rover* I wonder what happens if I put it in drive.?


Andrew: *Talking to my nephew Jordan, who’s from the city* It was rather flame my guy.

Jordan: *Dies laughing* What….?

Andrew: Is that not what they say in the city? I was trying to sound like one of you city kids.

Jordan: No.


Me: *Talking to a drunk friend* it might snow…

Friend: What?! No it’s 44 outside! It has to be 32% degrees outside to snow!

Me: Thirty two… percent degrees… yep. You need to sleep now.


Keigan: Watch me put 20 cough drops in my mouth and see what happens.

*Puts 20 cough drops in mouth*

*10 minutes later*

Keigan: Guys… I can’t feel my face.


Me: *Singing*

Andrew: I don’t know if it’s because you have a nasally voice but you sound like a 12 year old boy.


*Andrew, Carly and I going through the drive through at Starbucks*

Andrew: *Starts playing camel sounds through the radio*

Starbucks Lady: *Opens the window* *Starts laughing*

* We all lost our shit*


Keigan: Stop being racist…. I’m a giraffe!!


Please enjoy this as a final segment:


I hope you guys liked that haha. This is one of my favorite things to write about because it really shows you my true self and how I love to have fun and do stupid things.


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Summertime Sadness


I’m in denial that it’s getting cold out. Yesterday, it was 25 degrees outside and there I was, standing outside in a t-shirt, sweats, and my Nike slides, trying to get my cat out of a bush. I miss the summer heat.


I like the winter, don’t get me wrong. The snow is beautiful and I love hot chocolate. But I don’t like the cold. I get cold very easily and I don’t like that. I haven’t been able to feel my fingers all morning. It’s freezing in my room. Perfect. Can I go South with the geese?


It’s days like this when I really miss summer. I miss swimming at the lake, getting ice cream late at night with old friends, tanning on my trampoline, driving around with all the windows down while blaring music. I’m depressed.

Fall is pretty much over now. Almost all the trees have lost their leaves, it’s getting below freezing at night, and I’m cold. Depressing. At least there’s football to look forward to. Go Seahawks!


Soon it’ll be spring once again and everything will slowly start to thaw out. The million shades of green will come back and so will all the animals. I’ll be warm again and the happiness will return. For now, I’ll be in my room under 20 blankets, eating thousands of chicken nuggets with my space heater on, and watching SpongeBob. Oh, my cat will be there too. Can’t forget about him.

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Beginning – End of the Year

So I saw this thing on Twitter yesterday… (I’m addicted to Twitter everybody follow me @Abby_Marie2194 I’m kinda funny sometimes). I got tagged in a challenge to post a picture of you from the beginning of the year and one from the end of the year. I thought this was pretty interesting. I went through my camera roll to find a picture of me from the beginning of the year and holy hell was my hair brown. I kinda forgot what my actual hair color is since I’m so used to being a blonde.

End of the Year Challenge

Here’s one of the first pictures I found:

March 11 2017

I was really rocking the lion mane then. I didn’t realize how chocolatey brown my natural hair color is. I kinda like it, but I love having blonde hair even more.

Here’s a picture from the middle of the year when I had just gotten my hair bleached.

July 2017

Big difference. For one I turned into a dog. Didn’t think that was possible did ya? Haha… I’m really not funny.

Anyway, now here’s a picture from last month.

Winter hair

My natural color is starting to come back in and my hair has gotten a lot longer. I’ve also turned into a flower goddess if you couldn’t tell. I think it’s safe to say the only thing that really changed was my hair. I’m still the same idiot I promise.

I know this wasn’t a Christmas/Winter post, but it’s hard to think of 25 days of Christmas. I promise there will be more seasonally themed posts in the future! 💙

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Winter Haircare

Most of you who know me wonder how the hell do I keep my hair looking healthy since I treat it like crap by bleaching it all the time. Well, other than the fact that I’m balding from all the anxiety I’m doing pretty good at keeping my hair looking socially acceptable.

In the winter, I only wash my hair twice a week. No more, no less. It gets really cold here and when it gets cold, my hair gets really dry, so maintaining some level of natural oils in my hair is really important. Plus, I’m not sweating in the winter to get my hair greasy. It stays pretty clean between washings.

If I do happen to do something that involves sweating, I use dry shampoo. It makes my hair less greasy looking without drying it out to make it fall out. Just spray it on, style it and comb it out. Everything works out just fine.

Next, I NEVER use a brush. I have pretty thin hair, but it’s really long so it takes forever to comb out. I noticed when I brushed my hair, it would fall out more and I’d have twice as many split ends. When I use a comb, my hair hardly falls out and there’s barely any split ends.

Using heat is also a big no no for me. I let my hair air dry after I wash it. Maybe once a month I’ll blow dry just the roots if I have to go somewhere in a hurry and it’s cold outside. If I want my hair wavy, I’ll put it in braids. If I want my hair curled, I won’t do anything because I don’t like my hair with curls. If I want straight hair I leave my hair as it is because it’s already naturally straight.

Coconut oil is my hairs best friend. In the winter, my hair gets really dry and itchy. Then the dandruff comes. That’s a big NO for me. I don’t need to walk around looking like Mt. Everest. Once a week I try to use a coconut oil hair mask before I wash my hair. It moisturizes my scalp and makes my hair feel so soft after I wash it.

I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I also use Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins every day so that helps a lot. I never bleach or dye my hair in the winter either. I let the brown grow out and let my roots become healthy again. Then in the spring I start bleaching again until the fall.

Winter hair .JPG
November 2017

There you have it! What do you do to keep your hair under control?

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